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ODS Database Importer

The ODS Database Importer enables jBEAM to browse ODS databases and import their data and meta data.

Main View


This is what the component looks like when first opened. You can see the database tree on the left side. The right side is for the attribute and relation tables. You can find the data currently selected for import on the lower side. 

Creating, editing and deleting services


These three buttons are for creating new services and modifying or deleting existing ones. The dialog for creating new services or editing old ones is the same:


In this dialog you enter the Services Label (how it is displayed in the tree), the ORB and path to the server, its port and the username. If you want to use anonymous login, just leave the username field blank.

Once created the service will be displayed in the tree.


After you have created the service, you can double-click on the tree node or you can click on the + sign to connect to it. This will open up the login dialog.


Please note that you can enter another username then defined when creating the server. Once you are logged in, you can expand the tree to explore the database.


When clicking on the database nodes, the attributes and relations tables will display information about the currently selected node. If you want to select a node for import, click on the select button below the tree or drag/drop it into the selection panel.


Now, if you click OK, the import will start. If you click Apply the import will start as well, but the dialog will remain open.

Tree Mode and Load Status

Below the tree you have the option to toggle the tree mode and the load status of the importer. 


The Tree Mode has two settings:

  • All relations: The tree representation of the database includes all relations. This makes it possible to follow not only child relations but info relations as well. However, this comes at the cost of readability.
  • Children only: Only child relations are used to generate the tree. You can't reach all nodes with this setting but it is much easier to navigate if you just want to import some measurements.

The load status affects the importing behaviour. The ODS Database Importer currently supports two load stati:

  • Complete: The selected measurements are imported completely. This may take some time, depending on the number of measurements selected
  • Standby: The channels for the selected measurements are created but they are not imported with data. The data will be loaded once the channels are used in jBEAM. This is much faster, however, it requires an active database connection to work.
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