Important note for BEAM users in Windows7, 10 and above

Administrative rights

BEAM runs on Window 7 systems. To ensure the BEAM registry access despite Windows User Account Control, BEAM has to be started in Windows Compatibility Mode. To setup, click right on the BEAM icon and choose the "properties"-item. In this dialog, select the "Compatibility"-tab and ensure the checkmark at "Run program as administrator" is set.


If your security guidelines forbid to give BEAM administrative rigths, your Administrator has to give selective rights for registry access.This second way to run BEAM under Windows 7 is to allocate the user read-and write rights to the registry-branch "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AMS GmbH". If you choose this second way, the user needs read-and write-rights for the folder "C:\ProgramData\BeamData\*Amplifiername*" too.

Graphic settings

Windows 7 offers a new graphical user interface called "Aero" which has extended capability to display dialogs. Most of this features are compatible with BEAM. Windows 7 allows you to try different scalings for text and UI-items. This could led to graphical problems, because BEAM needs a constant resolution of 96 DPI. To ensure the best viewing quality for BEAM please follow this steps:

  • If scaling is not important switch to 100% and disable all visual effects
  • If scaling is necessary (e.g. BEAM is displayed very small at high resolution ) choose "Set custom text size (DPI)"


In the following dialog deselect the option "Use Windows XP style DPI scaling"


Furthermore it is necessary to enable two aero-features to draw BEAM at constant DPI. Please open the "Advanced system settings" dialog by System control panel. 


Open the Advanced-Pane and select "Settings" in the Performance box. In the Performance Options select "enable desktop composition" and "use visual styles on windows and buttons". Please make sure to enable "Aero" by selecting a desktop theme with transparency effects.


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