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How to use jBEAM and Quickstart

In this section we want to share some information for setup jBEAM and Quickstart.

Using Quickstart technology, jBEAM is installed on an application server. In this case the directory structure is:

jBEAM - directory

The user needs only a link to the jBEAM_Quickstart.jnlp-file to start jBEAM by Quickstart. Inside the “lib”-directory, help files and external libraries. All files inside has to be signated.

First adapt the settings in “jBEAM_Quickstart.jnlp” to your network paths. The following lines has to be adapted

<jnlp codebase= href="jBEAM_Quickstart.jnlp">

<property name="" value="" />

and <argument>parameters=</argument>.

Second adapt the codebase in codebase=

If you use jBEAM with a license server, you have to adapt the address and port of this server in application arguments:

Further the offers you the possibility, to adapt the accessable memory for the virtual machine:


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