Start parameters of jBEAM

Parameter nameDescriptionExample
AutoCreateComponentAutomatically creates the given component at jBEAM start. Please use AutoCreateComponent=com.test.component.MyClass!-AutoCreateComponent=<TEXT>
AutomaticStartstart jBEAM application immediate when the applet is started. Default: true-AutomaticStart=[true or false]
BatchUrlpath to jBEAM batch file to be opened when jBEAM starts-BatchUrl=
ConnectToconnect to a data service. Syntax: 3 parameters separated by colon: service name (String), server IP address, server port-ConnectTo=<TEXT>
PreferredDataArraySizeDEPRECATED! Use “DataDepth” instead. Defines the arraysize all numerical arrays are initialized. Default: 1000-PreferredDataArraySize=100
DataDepththe arraysize all numerical arrays are initialized. Default: 1000-DataDepth=100
FullscreenIf true jBEAM will start in fullscreen mode, otherwise it will be started with normal window size. Default: false-Fullscreen=[true or false]
HelpPrints this help message and terminates the application
ImportDataDefinition of a data import to be performed by jBEAM automatically. The parameter format is XML as described by the following example:<import name=“Sample Importer” type=“com.AMS.jBEAM.FileImport_Diadem” src=“http://localhost:8080/Foo/bar?file=path/to/file”>-ImportData=<TEXT>
LanguageLanguage of applet and jBEAM instance. Default: the system language if supported or english otherwise-Language=<TEXT>
LayoutFileUrlLoads the given jBEAM layout on startup-LayoutFileUrl=
LayoutUrlLoads the given jBEAM layout on startup-LayoutUrl=
LogFileDefines the path to the log file. If the file does not exist it will be created-LogFile=C:\file.txt
LoggerDEPRECATED! Use “LogLevel” instead. Defines the default log level-Logger=[Disabled or Error or Warning or Info or Config or Fine or Finer or Finest]
LoggerStartConditionDEPRECATED! Use “LogLevel” instead. Defines the default log level-LoggerStartCondition=[Disabled or Error or Warning or Info or Config or Fine or Finer or Finest]
LogLevelDefines the default log level-LogLevel=[Disabled or Error or Warning or Info or Config or Fine or Finer or Finest]
LogLimitdefines how much chars will be logged for each log entry. A log limit below 0 indicates to log all chars-LogLimit=100
LogFileSizedefines the maximum size of the log file in megabytes. A value below or equal 0 indicates an unlimited file size-LogFileSize=0.0
ModejBEAM visualization mode: Desktop=Normal mode, Presentation=Unmodifiable mode, Service=Headless mode, ScriptServer=Script server mode, ScriptClient=Script client mode-Mode=[Desktop or SingleFrameDesktop or Presentation or Service or ScriptServer or ScriptClient]
MenubarjBEAM window with or without menu bar. Menu bar is only available in desktop mode, i.e. if parameter “Mode” is set to “Desktop”. Default: true-Menubar=[true or false]
NewWindowStart jBEAM in an own window. If false, jBEAM is started in the applet container. Default: true-NewWindow=[true or false]
OpenBeamMgcpath to BEAM project file (only read if openbin is not set)-OpenBeamMgc=C:\file.txt
Openbinpath to binary project file-Openbin=<TEXT>
OpenbinModeDefines the mode for loading the binary project file (requires parameter OPENBIN)-OpenbinMode=[Clear or KeepExisting or ReplaceExisting or KeepOldAndCreateNew]
PreferencesFiledefines the file, which should be used to load and store jBEAM preferences. In headless mode jBEAM reads preferences only if this parameter is set.-PreferencesFile=C:\file.txt
Printbinif true print jBEAM project file and exit immediatly (requires parameter OPENBIN or OPEN_BEAM_MGC)-Printbin=[true or false]
ProjectfileUrlpath to jBEAM project file-ProjectfileUrl=
Proxiesdefines the proxies to try to connect to automatically. Please use Proxies=<HOSTNAME:PORT>,<HOSTNAME:PORT>,… !-Proxies=<TEXT>
ProxyPortdefines the port where the proxy should be created automatically. Please use ProxyPort=<PORT>!-ProxyPort=100
Serversdefines the servers to try to connect to automatically. Please use Servers=<HOSTNAME:PORT>,<HOSTNAME:PORT>,… !-Servers=<TEXT>
ServerPortdefines the port where the server should be created automatically. Please use ServerPort=<PORT>!-ServerPort=100
ScriptUrlpath to script file to be opened when jBEAM starts-ScriptUrl=
Scriptname of script component which has to be executed when jBEAM starts. Only useful in combination with parameter ProjectfileUrl or Openbin-Script=<TEXT>
ServerDataImportconnect to server and start serverside import. Syntax: 3 parameters separated by colon: name of the importer class (String):name of the producer (String):import source (URL)-ServerDataImport=<TEXT>
ServiceService to be started with jBEAM. Provided services: “EnterpriseDataService”-Service=<TEXT>
Shellindicates that jBEAM is started by shell
ShowStartButtonDisplay a button for starting jBEAM. This parameter is only evaluated if AutomaticStart is set to false. Default: true-ShowStartButton=[true or false]
SyncModedefines the default sync mode for items at server. Use “MIRROR” for automatically sync all items between server and client, use “MANUAL” to display a dialog for item selection or use “NONE” to sync no items between server and client.-SyncMode=[MIRROR or MANUAL or NONE]
Watchif this option is used, a watcher is created which observes the BEAM project file for changes. (only relevant if a BEAM project file is imported)-Watch=[true or false]
WindowHeightheight of the initial jBEAM window (e.g. 768, 768px, 10cm, 8in, 50%)-WindowHeight=0.00
WindowWidthwidth of the initial jBEAM window (e.g. 1024, 1024px, 15cm, 12in, 50%)-WindowWidth=0.00
WindowScrollableDetermines the panel is scrollable (only in presentation mode, default: true)-WindowScrollable=[true or false]
WindowIconPath to customized icon file.-WindowIcon=C:\file.txt
CreateLicenseParametersif defined, jBEAM creates a license parameters file and exists-CreateLicenseParameters=[true or false]
NativeLibsDefines where to find a zip archive where all native libraries are located. This parameter used by AMS Webstart.-NativeLibs=
CheckChecks the java environment for jBEAM and saves the result to check-result.txt.
TempDirSets the default directory for temporary files of jBEAM.-TempDir=C:\file.txt
UseEncryptionDefines whether the complete EnCom traffic should be encrypted or not.-UseEncryption=[true or false]
CreateCrushTunnelCreates a tunnel using the CrushTunnel technology of CrushFTP ( to secure the connection to the EnCom server. Use CreateCrushTunnel=”<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>@<CRUSHFTP-SERVERNAME:PORT>”!-CreateCrushTunnel=<TEXT>
SingleInstanceStart jBEAM as singleton. Is only supported in combination with java webstart-SingleInstance=[true or false]
RemoteControlServerConnect to a Remote-Control-Server (RCS) after start to enable remote controlling of the current jBEAM instance. Use RemoteControlServer=”<IDENTIFIER>@<SERVER_NAME_OR_IP>:<SERVER_PORT>”!-RemoteControlServer=<TEXT>
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